VALSOLDA - English version
On the eastern branch of Lake Ceresio - that which extends in an arc towards the Lario - before the waves wash onto the gravel beaches at Porlezza they are confronted by a broad wooded headland which descends from the calcareous mountains above before sweeping gently into the lake. Clusters of red roofs in groups ascend the hillside chequered with patches of Mediterranean gardens stitched together with mule-tracks and torrents. High up beyond, the hillside is crowned with rocks which grant protection from the cold north winds. Here dense forests embroidered with a network of silent trails and footpaths rise and fall, penetrating gulleys and gorges, while the rocky crests and pinnacles which emerge from the seemingly impenetrable carpet of greenery and lead upwards to the open summits.
Together with an extended article in the Le Montagne Divertenti magazine (n.64 - Primavera 2023), this documentary, filmed in the winter of 2023, is dedicated to the Valsolda.

It was filmed using Panasonic Lumix Gh5 II, Pentax K1 and Dji Mavic Mini 2.

Filming - Beno
Editing - Alessandro Castriciano
Texts - Corrado Lucini
Translations and narration - Kim Sommerschield
Original soundtrack - Ilario Longhi and Alessandro Castriciano
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